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Exchange, return and refund policies

Singular Content cares about your experience after purchasing the digital products available on the website. To this end, the Singular Exchange and Return Policy is based on the rules established by the Consumer Protection Code.DECREE No. 7,962 OF MARCH 15, 2013 according to the following items.

To purchase infoproducts at the Conteúdo Singular store:


Delivery policy - the minimum delivery time is 24h to 48h, from confirmation of payment made within the website, or via bank receipt sent to one of the service channels ( or WhatsApp 11 9 6700-9851).


You will receive your infoproduct via email registered when filling out purchase information, or Google Drive sharing link whose contact is, or via the download navigation page.


Exchange Policy - If you wish to exchange the purchased infoproduct, send an email with the details: name, telephone, email, date of purchase, purchased infoproduct and reason for wanting the exchange within 5 days of receiving the infoproduct.


Your request will be evaluated and responded to by email within 5 business days, and if accepted, the exchange will be made for another infoproduct available in the Conteúdo Singular store or on partner websites. You will be able to choose the desired infoproduct, and in case of higher value, the difference for purchasing the new infoproduct will be borne by the customer.


In the case of a lower value, you will receive a voucher in your exchange request email that can be used to purchase another infoproduct of your choice, within a period of up to 30 days.


Return policy - The products available in the Conteúdo Singular store are digital, and there is no possibility of returns.


Refund policy and right to regret-to better serve you, the customer and comply with the Consumer Protection Code, refunds, as well as,  The right to repentance is possible, as long as it is requested within 7 days after purchasing the infoproduct.


To do this, send the request by email with the data: name, telephone number, email, date of purchase, information product purchased stating the desire for a refund or regret of purchase. 


Your request will be evaluated and responded to by email within 5 business days, and the refund period will depend on the payment option previously made, where on average, it can take up to 10 business days for the refund.


Contact Details - e-mail: and telephone / WhatsApp: (11) 96700-9851 - Glaucia Santos Pereira.


Payment methods available on the website - The Conteúdo store accepts credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Hipercard. Boleto, Pix, Paypal and Mercado Pago.

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