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Google MerchantCenter: What you can't miss in your online store

This week, Content Singular did an incredible job for a store of rare and exclusive sneakers that recently opened on the nuvemshop platform and that had a misrepresentation error evaluated by google merchantcenter.

Merchant Center is a Google platform where you can register your online store's products to appear on Google Shopping, Google's search tab for products.

However, we know that Google has many rules and policies, which must be strictly adhered to to create a safe shopping environment and promote a good online user experience.

Google MerchantCenter

Google MerchantCenter: What you can't miss in your online store

Creating an online store is relatively easy: create a name for your store, register the products with price and photo, and that's it, you're done!

But those who want to have their products on the Google Shopping storefront, need to go further, following the rules of the google merchantcenter to be successful and more sales.

Google Merchant Center's guidelines are not difficult to follow, however, it takes time and a little experience with web development and SEO, and usually, entrepreneurs don't have it, where mistakes start to be made.

List of items that cannot be missing from the online store

Google MerchantCenter
  1. Clear and correct information about exchange, return, and refund policies (in accordance with the consumer protection code);

  2. Company information, such as the National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ) and business activity;

  3. Company contact details, including phone number, email, and address, for customer service;

  4. Products must be categorized according to taxonomy;

  5. Shipping costs should be visible for calculation, preferably before checkout;

  6. Your store should have a professional appearance, with a logo, visual identity, and product photos;

  7. Buyer reviews make a difference and enhance the store's reputation in the concept of social proof;

What to avoid in the online store?

  • Do not use brand logos, nor mention companies without their authorization;

  • Do not hide relevant information, such as product features and delivery time;

  • If you work with dropshipping, avoid using this term in your texts, as there is still a negative connotation about this modality.

Finally, Google Merchant Center is an excellent tool for selling more in your online store for free, just pay attention to the rules, or count on a professional to help you set up the store.

Need help with Merchant Center for Google Shopping? Send a message to Conteúdo Singular to assist you!


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