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Blocking in Merchant Center: Misrepresentation

Learn in a simple way how to solve the Block in Merchant Center in case of Misrepresentation in the following text, made with the experience of Singular Content.

Google Merchant Center is an online platform that allows merchants to upload and manage product listings for use on Google Shopping. It works as a control panel where you can update information about the products, such as photos and prices, and integrate with other Google services.

Essential for digital marketing strategies, Merchant Center helps increase the visibility of products in organic searches, contributing to the growth of online sales.

Blocking in Merchant Center

What causes blocking in Merchant Center?

Google wants clarity and transparency in online stores, in addition, it wants users to have a good browsing experience on these e-commerce sites.

In theory, it is not difficult to follow the rules of Merchant Center, the problem is when you start to mess with the site settings so much, thinking more about the business issue, that you forget simple things, often related to writing the information about how your store works.

Therefore, read the Misrepresentation part of Google Shopping and keep up to date on all the rules and policies of the Merchant Center, and then start the work of correcting your site.

Exchange, Return & Refund Policy

You have to follow what it says in the Consumer Protection Code, be clear, concise and objective. If you have entered the trading business, learn how to treat the customer with transparency and respect.

Write good text, use visuals, make important parts bold, use lists to make topics easier to understand, and leave your email and phone contact. Also, put the date of the last revision of the Policy to give it more credibility.

Privacy Policy

If you've copied another site's policy without reading the content, it's likely to be at odds with Merchant Center's guidelines, and if you've used a privacy policy generator, be careful not to be too generic.

Remembering that e-commerce sites that wish to be listed on Google Shopping must have enabled cookies, in addition to the additional LGPD Policy.

"Sounds silly, no one reads this," but Google and its tools read your entire site.

Shipping & Delivery Policy & Tracking Page

Make clear the shipping and delivery times according to the type of shipping offered, include a tracking page, with clear information about the process of delivering the product to the customer.

Put e-mail and phone contact, inform possible delays and what the company's procedure in specific cases, so that the customer is aware and feels safe when making the purchase on your website.

Don't try to make a clown out of the circus, Google knows more about you than you know yourself. I believe that the best way to work is to be honest, from the beginning, even if you don't have many clients or haven't received reviews yet.

The process is time-consuming at first and you often need to invest money and have another main source of income until your e-commerce succeeds, so be honest, invest in Google Ads, which is a good way to reach traffic and make sales with less physical effort.

Use search console for data analysis of your website

Google Search Console is a free tool from Google that assists website owners in monitoring and optimizing the visibility of their pages in search results.

It provides valuable data on search traffic, performance, and indexing issues, as well as alerts you to errors on the site. With it, you can submit sitemaps, check URL indexing, and understand how Google crawls and indexes pages.

Essential for SEO, Search Console is a key piece of improving a website's ranking and online presence.

In conclusion, in Search Console itself you can have valuable information that can help you unlock Google Merchant, in addition to being able to position yourself better organically.

Google Merchant and ADS suspended: what to do?

Sometimes you say to yourself that you've done everything, but that's what complicates it, because you can no longer recognize what is right and approved and what may have been the reason for the suspension.

To add to your desperation, you have had your Google ADS account suspended and in this case, staying calm and focused on unlocking the Merchant is paramount, because only then is it possible to be able to reactivate the account again.

Finally, I invite you to talk to me, show me your website and thus, I will help you unblock us in the Merchant Center, whether by Misrepresentation, False Statements, among other blocks in the account.


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